Legal cannabis are cannabis products that have been approved for sale to all legal recreational users, which have gone through multiple rounds of state testing to ensure that they are safe for human consumption. Black-market products have zero safety standards, which increase the chance that the user is consuming harmful chemicals.

California required laboratory testing, include:

  • Cannabinoids - Shows how much of the organic chemicals that reside in the cannabis plant are present in the product that you are consuming. Most notable cannabis chemicals are THC (the chemical that gives you a psychological high) and CBD (the chemical that aids to medicinal/health benefits). THC and CBD are required to be displayed on the front panel of the product packaging in milligrams (mg).

  • Residual Solvents and Processing Chemicals - Tests how much “other” chemicals used in production is present in the proposed product.

  • Residual Pesticides - Tests how much pesticides is present in the proposed product.

  • Microbial Impurities - Include STEC, Salmonella, A. fumigates, A. flavus, A. niger, A. terreus

  • Foreign Material - Any material that does not originate in the organic substance.

  • Terpenoids - These are the substances responsible for aroma.

  • Mycotoxins - These are the substances responsible for mold

  • Heavy Metals - These are the substances that come from fertilizers or pesticides.

  • Water Activity of Solid or Semi-Solid Edibles - These are substances that come from water or ice that are left in the consumable product.

Bureau of Cannabis Control, California’s official checklist for lab testing


Recreational usage of marijuana is legal under Proposition 64. Immediately upon certification of the November 2016 ballot results, adults age 21 or older were allowed to:

  • Possess, transport, process, purchase, obtain, or give away, without any compensation whatsoever, no more than one ounce of dry cannabis or eight grams concentrated cannabis to adults the age of 21 or older.

  • Possess, plant, cultivate, harvest, dry, or process no more than six live plants and the produce of those plants in a private residence, in a locked area not seen from normal view, in compliance with all local ordinances.

  • Smoke or ingest cannabis.

  • Possess, transport, purchase, obtain, use, manufacture, or give away marijuana paraphernalia to peoples the age of 21 or older.

Users may not:

  • Smoke it where tobacco is prohibited.

  • Possess, ingest or smoke within 1,000 feet of a day care, school, or youth center while children are present (except within a private residence and if said smoke is not detectable to said children).

  • Manufacture concentrated cannabis using a volatile solvent without a license under Chapter 3.5 of Division 8 or Division 10 of the Business and Professions Code.

  • Possess an open container or marijuana paraphernalia while in the driver or passenger seat of a vehicle used for transportation.

  • Smoke or ingest marijuana while operating a vehicle used for transportation.

  • Smoke or ingest marijuana while riding in the passenger seat or compartment of a vehicle.[53]

Legal sales for non-medical use are allowed by law beginning January 1, 2018, following formulation of new regulations on retail market by the state's Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation (to be renamed Bureau of Marijuana Control).[54][55]

Proposition 64 is not meant in any way to affect, amend, or restrict the statutes provided for medical cannabis in California under Proposition 215.[53]


Anyone 21 years or older can purchase cannabis in California with any government issued I.D.

But you can only purchase from California state licensed retailers. These retailers may have a storefront (called dispensaries) or non-storefront (called delivery services) are required to maintain high standards to receive approval for state license from the state of California.

Location List of Cypher state licensed retailers


Just like retailers are required to adhere to strict standards by the state of California, so are the producers of legal cannabis.

Cypher products are 100% state approved legal cannabis products, which are sourced directly from state licensed manufacturers and cultivators.

Trust that all Cypher products are produced using the safest and cleanest practices in the industry, with your health in mind.

California Cannabis Portal, California's official website for information on legal marijuana.